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    General information about our Law Firm


    Ferraz de Camargo e Bugelli Advogados intends to introduce in the market a new manner of exercising the legal profession. The office’s mission is to render the law particularly intelligible and inclusive, assuring individual, dynamic, and modern attendance focused on the client’s needs.


    Its legal team is always aware of technological and market changes to assure the most efficient solutions to its clients.

    Ferraz de Camargo e Bugelli Advogados is proud to respond to its clients and the market expectations with speediness and efficiency. The strict ethics standards and indisputable qualification of its professional team is the office’s greatest asset.


    The team is composed of legal professionals with different profiles and lines of practice. It is worth underscoring the extensive experience of the partners Paulo Sergio Ferraz de Camargo and Silvia Bugelli, who have over 20 years of experience in the exercise of the legal profession, and have actively participated in the globalization, consolidation and development of the Brazilian market since 1990.

    Office Framework

    Strategically located in São Paulo, Ferraz de Camargo & Bugelli Advogados has a legal team expert in corporate projects, M&A, due diligence, corporate management, structured operations, banking operations, specialized litigation, capital markets, tax and labor law.


    The office stands out for its ongoing concern with attracting talented and highly qualified legal professionals who are, first and foremost, committed with the positive results of each project.


    Loyalty to our clients

    All legal tools available are employed in the defense of our clients’ interests
    The team is incorporated into the client’s strategy
    Situations of conflict of interest are observed under the ethical principles of the legal practice.


    Clear communications

    Use of direct and accessible language
    Systematized information
    Correct understanding of internal and external communication



    Our legal professionals are acknowledged according to their individual performance and contributions to the team
    Knowledge sharing and incorporation of a work methodology are encouraged and recognized
    Continuous technical and personal development is valued



    Knowledge is employed from a new perspective
    Content is sought in global and multidisciplinary sources
    Mix of different styles and languages in the negotiations

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