• Practice Areas

    Civil Litigation and Arbitration ​

    • Civil Litigation, particularly focused on Real Estate Rights, Civil Liability, Corporate Law and Consumer Relations.

    • Legal Audits (due diligence), analysis of the procedural history of the Plaintiff’s or Defendant’s case.

    • Shared activities with the other areas of the office, especially, Corporate, Structured Operations, Legal Counselling, Real Estate Transactions and Capital Markets to prepare and review contractual clauses with the purpose of assessing result in case of lawsuits involving such contracts.

    • Conflict prevention advisory, advising the client particularly about liability and damage mitigation.

    • Participation and legal advice in alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation and arbitration, including direct contact with the opposing party.

    • Preparation of Legal Opinions resulting from consultations about the feasibility of filing suit and assessment of the chance of success.

    • Interface with consumer defense agencies, regulatory agencies and the Public Prosecutor’s Office to prevent litigation.

    • Effective responsibility for procedural representation in any degree of jurisdiction, preparation and review of petitions, appearance in hearings and presentation of oral arguments in the Upper Courts, including, filing of appeals before the Federal Supreme Court and the Superior Court of Justice.

    • Legal advice in corporate litigation, developing a map of the ongoing proceedings and assessing the feasibility of making specific campaigns to reduce the company’s procedural history either as Plaintiff or Defendant.

    • Development of strategic litigation, defining and aligning the best procedural theory for the client’s defense.


    • Business Agreements.

    • Business restructuring and reorganization.

    • Infrastructure.

    • Legal Advice in corporate transactions and reorganizations, mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures.

    • Legal Audit.

    • Preparation and negotiation of business agreements.

    • Incorporations.


    • Management of consumer-related lawsuits.

    • Legal advice in the preparation of operational manuals and contracts.

    • Guidance in specific issues taken before consumer protection agencies (Procons)

    • Monitoring of administrative and court proceedings involving consumer complaints and claims for damages.

    • Class actions.


    • Buy and sell real and personal property agreements.

    • Security interest and surety agreements.

    • Distribution, agency and business representation agreements.

    • Joint ventures.

    • Services Agreements.

    • Negotiation and preparation of typical and atypical agreements.

    Credit Recovery

    • Receivables assessment.

    • Receivables collection strategies.

    • Conciliation of in and out-of-court collection.

    • Research to locate debtors.

    Labor Consulting and litigation 

    • Legal Advice in strategic labor relations.

    • Legal Support to HR Policies.

    • Assessment and Prevention of Labor Risks.

    • Audits, including for corporate transactions – due diligence.

    • Legal Representation in lawsuits filed in the Labor and Social Security Courts and Administrative Courts.

    • Solution of Collective Conflicts.

    • Negotiation with Labor Unions.

    • Analysis and Preparation of Labor Collective Rules.

    • Legal Representation before the Labor Prosecutor’s Office and Ministry of Labor and Employment.

    • Analysis and Preparation of Collective or Individual Labor Agreements.

    • Analysis and Preparation of Remuneration Packages, Stock Option Plans, Profit Sharing Plans, Voluntary Redundancy Plans.

    • Legal advice in the preparation of Expatriate Employment Agreements.

    Real Estate Transactions

    • Real Estate transactions and agreements: buy and sell, lease, loan for use, commercial lease, and rural partnerships, exchange, real estate leasing, construction, general contracting, administration and management, easement, enjoyment.

    • Legal, contractual and investment structuring of multi-purpose real estate enterprises: shopping malls, offices, hotels, theme parks, virtual offices, industrial condominiums, residential lots and multiuse subdivisions.

    • Structured operations: structured real estate divestment, built to suit lease, surface rights.

    • Land Rights: rural property purchase, georeferencing procedures, farm lease, rural partnership, agrarian agreements, rural guarantees (crop-guaranteed loans, rural property mortgage)

    • Emphyteutic Property Transactions: transactions involving Navy real property, emphyteusis and occupation of Union real property areas.

    • Security interest structuring for direct investment and financing operations: Housing Finance System (SFH), Real Property Finance System, Non-Conveyed Transactions and Dedicated Property.

    • Real estate investment structuring: Direct Investment, Special Purpose Entities, Real Estate Investment Funds, and Equity Investment Funds.

    • Real Estate Financing: real estate receivables securitization, issuance of real estate receivables certificates, preparation and analysis of structured investments based on debts, equity interest or real estate.

    • Developments and condominiums, housing developments, subdivisions.

    • Legal features of reforesting projects and rural property transactions.

    • Regularization of urban and rural real estate in the competent registry offices and governmental agencies.

    • Legal advice on Real Estate and Urban Law.

    Tax Law

    • Tax liability assessment and management.

    • Legal advice specifically directed to the legislation related to PIS (Employees’ Profit Participation Program), COFINS (Contribution for Social Security Financing), SIMPLES NACIONAL (Federal Simplified Tax System for Small Businesses), IPI (Tax on Manufactured Products), ICMS (Brazilian VAT equivalent), ISS (Municipal Services Tax), INSS (National Institute of Social Security Funding Contribution); analysis and information about tax operations and applicable legal procedures, providing effective tax support.

    • Legal advice and monitoring of Tax Audits.

    • Studies about tax law and any other tax-related subjects.

    • Preparation of Administrative and Judicial Defenses.

    • Preparation of Legal Opinions, tax and tax planning legal advice to provide lawful tax savings to the Client under the tax laws in force.

    • Legal advice related to the grant of a tax installment payment plan by the Tax Authorities.

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